Rip and Suzanna can make it happen! Chip and Joanna Gaines have set the bar high for husband and wife DIYers. Joanna, with her unique vision, every hair in place and image of the perfect working mom, makes it all look so easy. Chip, the goofball, who always has an enjoyable time implementing Joanna’s vision, … Continue reading D.I.Y.

Lunchroom Ladies

I was blessed with a mom that could cook. It did not matter if she was cooking her trademark biscuits, fried chicken or making Italian cream cake, that lady could cook. And, by the way, I could eat. When I entered first grade, I loved everything about school except the lunchroom. I thought the food … Continue reading Lunchroom Ladies

A Love Story of Amazing Faith

She was from St. Paul. He was from Minneapolis. The “Twin Cities.” A heavily populated metropolitan area. Highly educated residences. Land of 10,000 lakes. Cold winters. Northern accents. Catholic churches. Family. ------------- Berea, Arkansas. 1949. Tall pine trees. Hot, humid weather. Back woods. Middle of nowhere. Nowhere! Population thirty people. Maybe! Hot humid summers. Southern drawls. Predominately … Continue reading A Love Story of Amazing Faith

His Actions Spoke Louder than Words

" Food just taste better when I plow the field with a horse," he said. He was short in stature. Those around him for any period of time just knew; he was a man of few words. It was nothing personal. That was just the way God made him. He had a knack for keeping … Continue reading His Actions Spoke Louder than Words

Rockin Robin

The bus was on the threshold of exploding with happiness as the team began yet another triumphant trip home. This hard-fought, come from behind football game over a more talented team, captured the championship. Underdogs since the start of the year, the young men proved the pundits wrong. Now, they were the undisputed best team of … Continue reading Rockin Robin